The Official Football

The Official Football

of the College Football Playoff

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For nearly a century, Wilson has been on college fields and in the hands of some of the game's greatest. Laced by the same craftsmen who've assisted moments in football history; the ultimate trophy, for the ultimate fan. You too can feel that glory. At Wilson, greatness is our legacy.

Together, we are Bound for Big Things.

From Factory
To Field

From Factory
To Field

See where it all begins. Explore The Wilson Football Factory in
Ada, Ohio, where every game ball and custom creation is made by hand.

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  • CFP Football - How its Made


    From authentic, groomed leather, the football panels are cut and stacked, awaiting their foil stamping.

  • CFP Football - hand sewn


    Once the panels are cut and stamped, they are sewn together by hand and stitched to form the outer leather shell.

  • CFP Football - Hand Turned


    Already sewn together, the balls are ready to be turned inside out by hand, revealing the branded exterior.

  • CFP Football - Pebbled ACL Laces


    Two sets of laces complete the construction, with pebbled ACL laces threaded in for maximum grip.